"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the FotoDialer is.  We installed it a week ago for my in-laws.  Grandpa takes care of Grandma who is very forgetful.  This morning was the 3rd time in a week that he has fallen and Grandma has been able to get to the phone, use the FotoDialer and get help.  She said if she hadn't had the FotoDialer, she would have been useless, unable to remember numbers and too shakey to dial the phone.  Thanks, the FotoDialer has literally been a lifesaver."
-- Moana W. -Orem, Utah

"I think it's great!  It helps me because it stores an awful lot of numbers that I need to use.  You won't make a mistake dialing the phone number you need with the FotoDialer.  I like it so much that I'm sharing information about it with the folks who live at my assisted living center."

-- John L. -Renton, Washington



“No more punching numbers!  I have all the numbers I call pre-recorded on my FotoDialer. It’s something that could save people a lot of time.  I know I don’t have to fiddle around anymore to make a phone call.

“Everybody in the family likes it so much, especially my sighted wife. She uses it as often as I do. I am able to get hold of friends quickly without using my CCTV (magnify TV screen) to look up telephone numbers.  I can get hold of important people and places faster. I have one FotoDialer in the kitchen and another in my office. I am so used to it, I can’t do without FotoDialer. ”

-- Rod B. (Blind), -Orem, Utah



“It’s perfect for my mother because she has a failing memory and isn’t able to remember and dial phone numbers easily. I am much more comfortable knowing she has emergency numbers and family members available when she needs them.”

-- Jorge M. -Salt Lake City, Utah




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