Lions Club Fundraiser

The Vision Group, Inc. is pleased to announce our fundraiser with the Lions Club. 


Who are the Lions Club?


Lions Club members are service oriented.  In fact, this international organization helps people all over the world with natural disasters or by just lending a hand.  One of the Lions Club’s major goals is to end preventable blindness that is so prevalent in the world.  The Lions Club is committed to caring for those with vision problems and other vision impairments.   The Utah Lions have teamed up with the makers of FotoDialer to raise money to fight blindness and vision problems.   


How can I help?

FotoDialer is an innovative telephone assist device that allows the user to dial phone numbers by photograph.  Those that are blind or visually impaired can place Braille or raised symbols on each page for page recognition. For more information on FotoDialer, see our Description page. 
For every FotoDialer sold, The Vision Group, Inc. will donate 20% of the funds to the Lions Club.  All you have to do is buy a FotoDialer.  Not only do you receive the innovative, exciting, and helpful FotoDialer, but you are also helping to fight the war on blindness and vision impairments. Just mention at checkout that you are a Lions Club member or that you were referred by a Lions Club member and 20% of the money will be sent to the Lions Club chapter closest to your shipping zip code.


For a Lions Club discount, contact your chapter president.


Note: The option to select your affiliation and help with the fundraiser is only on this page and not on the, "BUY NOW!" page.


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